Cartridges for sterile filtration

technology for filtration

MFPE  Absolute cartridge for sterile filtrations

filtrazioni sterili


  • High absolute absorbing efficiency, high working security
  • High absorbing efficiency at low Δp terms
  • Biologically inert material, with no release of fibre
  • No absorption and release of colours and odour, reduced binding effect on proteins
  • High chemical compatibility and maximum resistance to stress
  • High working time even with very frequent vaporizations
  • Uniformity of filtration all over the surface
  • Chance to sterilize with autoclave or with flowing steam at 125° C
  • Used material conformed with regulation: FDA CFR Title 21, USP Class IV, Plastic Biosafety
  • 100% hydrophilic, without wetting and binding materials.


Download the catalog with the technical specifications [here]