Filter cartridges

technology for filtration


Filter cartridges


Stainless steel filter cartridges


Polypropylene and Stainless steel housings

melt blown

Melt blown filter cartridges

 filo avvolto 240

High viscosity liquids filtration

 carbone attivo

Activated carbon filter cartridges

 filtri per condensato

String wound polypropylene
filter cartridges

 filtri enologia

Bag filters

M. F. Filtri is a company present on the market place from more than 20 years! We manufacture a wide range of filter cartridges for filtration of electroplating baths. On our range of products we can offer to our customers different types of filter cartridges. All the raw materials used on our manufacturing are tested to offer only high grade qualities.

Download the catalog with the technical specifications [here]